M-Span Multi-Tier

Product Description

M-Span Multi-Tier

Requires flexibility in storage of various size of items, the multi-level racking design can be used to store medium and small parts. This system facilitates the creation of additional levels for storage by using the available vertical space in the warehouse. Access to the platform levels is via structural steel staircase. However, a goods lift can also be incorporated into the racking system. All the open sides are fitted with tubular steel handrails and kick plates to ensure safety of users. Loading gate can also be provided on each level/floor and from there pickers can keep in the designated place. Floor decking material can be chosen from either plywood or steel mesh grating. Steel joist and bracket are designed to support the floor loading required.


  • stock rotation – friendly
  • suitable for high SKUs product storage
  • more cost efficient than conventional steel floors
  • fire protection system, electrical fittings can be integrated
  • easy access to all products – 100% selectivity
  • maximises the use of available space in terms of both area and height
  • can be customised to suit individual warehouse need





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